OCEAN FISH is a 100% Romanian company, founded in 1998, the market leader for baked fish, seafood and frozen fish.

  • OCEAN FISH activity domain: Processing and preserving of fish, crustaceans and molluscs.
  • Number of employees:
  • Yearly turnover (2014): 26 million Euro
  • The company is located in Afumati with an area of ​​22,000 m², 9,300 m² representing the processing factory and deposits of raw materials and baked fish products.
  • OCEAN FISH Factory is among the most modern on the market, equipped to the highest international standards.
  • The warehouse of raw materials has 9 cold rooms equipped to keep 15,000 tons of frozen products, and the final products warehouse can store 1,000 tons, ensuring effective control of the products movement in the warehouse and to the customer.
  • Our main products: smoked and marinated Salmon products; smoked / marinated pelagic fish; marinated seafood; fish salads and spawn, as well as repacked frozen fish.
  • The superior quality of OCEAN FISH products comes from the best quality of the raw material, acquired with maximum exigency by the import department and evaluated very carefully by our own quality control laboratory.
  • OCEAN FISH offers a range of branded and private label products.

Product and services

  • Import of raw material, such as fresh fish for processing (smoking, marinating).
  • Import of raw material, such as frozen fish and seafood, for repacking (as OCEAN FISH Brand or as Private Label).
  • Import of canned products under OCEAN FISH Brand.
  • Import of fresh fish / seafood, and repacking in MAP (modified atmosphere packaging). Distribution of all above mentioned on the Romanian and export markets.

Market data
The company, active in a market of 85 million Euros, recorded in the first 6 months of 2015 a turnover of 15 million Euros, revenues in some months being 35% to 65% higher compared to the same period in 2014.
Retailers represents 80% of OCEAN FISH sales, to which we supply both branded products and private labels.

Production capacity
The monthly production capacity of OCEAN FISH is about 3,250 tons, and deposits have a storage capacity of 12,000 tons.
The company has a production capacity of 100 t per month. The entire production process uses the HACCP system, having also the export license F306EC.
The company processes raw material at the highest control and hygiene standards, according to the implemented HACCP system.
OCEAN FISH has high performance production and packaging equipment, acquired based on the criteria of improving the products and is always in line with the requirements of the final consumer. OCEAN FISH products are guaranteed to be obtained in perfect hygiene, safety and high quality conditions.

The quality standard ISO 22000:2005 for recognition of Food Safety Management System;
The control system HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point);
The standard FSSC 22000:2010 Food Safety specifically designed for the production of food aimed at certification of production and processing and food ingredients. Implementing the FSSC 22000 was certified by the Global Food Safety Initiative supported by the Confederation of the Food and Drink Industries of the EU (CIAA).   

OCEAN FISH attracted European funding totaling about 15 million Euros.These European funds OCEAN FISH used for implementing a project in which high production output technologies were acquired. Facility equipped laboratory has been established and until recently it was the only accredited laboratory authorized in Ilfov county.OCEAN FISH has purchased state-of-the-art machines and equipment necessary to supplement the processing capacity, to improve the working conditions, to monitor hygiene and public health conditions, to permanently oversee product quality and to reduce the environmental impact. The completion of this investment was the purchase of a specialized transport company that supplied us independence regarding transportation of raw materials, while also providing the distribution of finished products.Another part of the funds was allocated for the construction of a cold storage with a capacity of about 11,000 tons, a fish repacking section, cleaning station, as well as a new office building and a car wash for the company’s car fleet.

The distribution activity of OCEAN FISH products is ensured by its own distribution network with a fleet of 80 trucks authorized to transport chilled and frozen products. Promptness in customer service is a priority objective for OCEAN FISH. Exports to the EU are also covered by the company, with goods reaching the destination in the best conditions and without undue delays.

LIDL, Carrefour, Billa, Metro Cash & Carry, Selgros Cash & Carry, Cora, Rewe, Penny Market, XXL, Kaufland, REAL, Mega Image, Auchan.


  • Main raw material: frozen mackerel, frozen herring, frozen salmon, seafood, Hake, Pangasius fillet, cod fillet Alaska Pollock, tilapia, capelin, salmon caviar, Capelin caviar.
  • Raw material origin: Norway, USA (Alaska), Canada, Argentina, Vietnam, Denmark, Chile, Scotland, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Bosnia, Romania, Bulgaria, Nigeria, New Zeeland.

Raw material is selected during purchase, as its quality, fish size and fishing period is very important in order to obtain products of superior quality. Once it reaches the destination, the raw material is carefully checked by the quality-control department, totally excluding the possibility of using raw materials that could harm the quality of finished products.

The remaining auxiliary materials used in production are purchased directly from the manufacturer, excluding any intermediary, as we want to offer the best quality and best prices in the market.

Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Italy, England, Croatia, Belgium, Sweden.